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Punctuality: it is vital to be punctual for a variety of reasons. You are to get places in time because in many occasions people will not wait for you to arrive. If you are late to catch the train you will suffer the consequences because you will not be waited for. Within the public services at the beginning of your shift you are briefed with vital information involving the duties you are to carry out. If you miss out on this you will be missing out on vital information that you will be catching up on all day. Time management: this quality is essential to organize your day time-efficiently.

Without good time management skills punctuality is not possible. In order to manage your time appropriately you are to prioritise the important tasks and organise your time keeping on mind your workload and being realistic about how long it will take to carry out each task. Reliability: we all want to be counted upon and want people to think that that we are reliable. But for this to occur you have to show that you won't let people down, that indeed you are trustworthy, as the consequences of pitting your trust on someone that doesn't deserve it can be terrible, more so in the public services.

Attendance: it is important to have good attendance levels as although we may not be looking forward to going to work or college one day because we will be faced with a challenge, for example. But only will you be missing on a chance to better ourselves and become stronger individuals, it will also affect how others view us. Composure: within the public services composure is a necessary skill if you are to carry out your job appropriately. You cannot let your personal feelings separate tote decisions you have to make.

You cannot let your feelings stop you from doing your job properly. Attitude: you need to have a good attitude towards your work to be able to work at your best abilities. As part of a team a negative attitude would have a negative effect on the rest of the group, whereas a positive attitude will have a positive effect on the group. Performance: the general public need to know that if they ever are in need of the public services they can count on them to perform to the best of their ability. This is the reason why it is important to do your best not just settle for what is enough.

Personality: our personality is what makes us different to others. In the public services even though you would be wearing the same uniform as your fellow colleagues your personality is what will make you different and be seen as an individual in the eyes of society, because of this your personality needs to be as adequate as possible. Current affairs: Bahrain police 'beat' protesters About 50 people in Bahrain where beaten and arrested by police in the capital, Manama, a human rights activist and other witnesses say.

Nabil Rajab said police acted to disperse demonstrators who protested outside the king's royal court against the lack of jobs in the Gulf kingdom, He said among those beaten was Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, the head of the banned Bahrain Centre for Human Rights. The interior ministry said police acted after being attacked by the protesters. Its statement said a number of police officers were hurt by the demonstrators who refused a police order to leave the area. Those arrested where later released.

Source: law aspect


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